Is a new member arriving in your family and you need more space? This can be a good way of adding more space to your house rather than shelling out more space by buying a larger home. This is not only a smarter way to save your money but you can also make your living space much better to live.

When you are willing to get an additional room added to your existing room, there is an absolute requirement of skilled and trained workmen at work. This is what you will get by hiring our team; we not only provide the room addition work but initially inspect the area. AAA Additions are working with some of the best brands of kitchen, bathroom and hardware units so that the best fittings are done at your place. 

Space issues are something that is seen most commonly seen in many households. AAA Additions have a team of technicians that will work with passion to provide the right type of services. Our team will come at your place and give you a cost estimate for the services and that too completely free of cost.

Flooring for the house

Flooring is provided by utilizing the finest materials for the additional room that will be added to your house. We offer ceramic tiles, porcelain tile and also laminated flooring and plywood. You can choose from any of these for getting the additional room is furnished.

We also provide many other services such as art studio, an extended living room or an art studio for your office. We can also provide a porch, sun room and even a breakfast nook for the house. The services that are provided by our team at AAA Additions are affordable and no hidden or extra charges are added to it.

If you are willing to involve a hassle free process for addition of an extra room then you need to hire the independent contractors. You can also read the customer reviews that are present on our website. This will give you complete information on how our previous clients have felt. Selecting the best and the most reliable company for addition of an extra room is the right decision you need to make.

Before our labors are employed at your place for adding a new room, we perform background check on each and every employee. This is because we hire only certified workers. 

Second story room

Adding a second story room to your villa or residency can be done only by trusting the room addition specialist and who can be trusted for this other than AAA Additions. Our team has been serving the clients with superior quality and custom-made room addition services as per the specific needs of our clients. We charge by the rate of square foot and this makes it affordable for everyone to get a new room added at the second floor of their house.

Professionals at work

When you are adding a new room at the second floor of your house, there is a lot that needs to be checked. If you hire a wrong company for this work, it can be devastating for you, so best is not to take any risk and let our team of professionals help. Right from initial inspection of the place, checking the existing framework done and what new to be added to giving you an exact price estimate of the service, we work on everything. We will prepare a report for you wherein each and everything would be explained, ranging from all the new additions that will be done to the room, their charges, any extra fitting that will be added etc.

If you wish to pick up cabinets, windows etc. of your choice, we will get that fitted in the new room. There are slider windows as well as single hung windows that are present. The room prepared will be something that you had dream of.

This extra room can work as your extra space for leisure activities or the extra space can be utilized for office work, making it a home office space for yourself. You can also use it for make it a reading room for yourself if you are someone who simply loves reading. Now you can see the many ways in which a new room can be creative for you but you definitely need to take the help of experts on the same to get it built the same as you have envisioned it.

Call us for a free quote

If you want to get a second storey room addition to your place, our team will give you the exact price quotation. This will help you plan and prepare your budget. Moreover the service which we provide for price quote is absolutely free of cost and you won’t have to pay us anything at all. Call AAA Additions today!

Single Storey Room

If you need more space in your room, adding a single storey room can be a great addition to your house. You won’t have to go all the way and purchase a new house. This will not only save a lot of future hassles but will also save a lot of your money. Whatever you have planned and envisioned for the new room, AAA Additions will provide you exactly the same. Our team will plan the room of your dream in the budget that you have prepared. Whatever is you requirement to the new room, the same will be fulfilled by our qualified team members.

The addition of a single storey room can give you just that extra space which you were looking for. The structural support provided to the room in the form of framework is of the best quality. Everything you wish to install within the room, including bathroom fittings will also be done by our team of experts.

Work done with perfection

Precise and perfect addition of a single storey room is what we provide you. If you want to know the prices and rates pertaining to the addition of the new storey room and for all the fittings, we can provide the best rates possible. Everything will be done in a budget – friendly manner, so that the heavy expenses are not incurred on you.

You can also check out our portfolio of work done for previous customers, including the addition of a single storey room, double storey room or even porch or a separate space for home office. If there is no design in your mind, you can check our portfolio and pick a design that suits your requirement and budget. Moreover you can pick cabinets, cupboards etc. of your choice and we will get it fixed for you.

Price estimate

AAA Additions work and provide all the services on time. Apart from this our team will also visit your place to see on how much area the new single storey room has to be constructed. They will also see, if any work has to be done in bathrooms, kitchen etc. According to everything they will figure out the complete cost of the project. In order to give you the correct estimate before the start of the work, our team will give you a price estimate. They will tell how much they will charge prior to the commencement of the work.

 Two Storey Room Additions

Adding a two storey extension to your existing house can be the best way to use the existing space. This will also save a lot from your pocket as you don’t need to buy a new house. Our team at AAA Additions will make sure that two storey extension constructed at your place is done with complete perfection right from the beginning.

Work from start to end with dedication

We begin the work right from the start i.e. demolition of any existing area that should be removed and in place of which the new area will added giving your house that extravagant look. After the procedure of demolition, foundation is laid for the new base. The foundation is done in a manner by addition of a raised floor. Even a slab of grade is added to the base. The next step is doing the framework of the structure and for this the engineer inspects the area. Usage of the Glulam beam is usually seen in two storey buildings.

The windows which are generally used by our builders varies anywhere from 4 feet till 6 feet. The windows which we use are energy – efficient and made up of aluminum. We provide fittings of slider windows as well as single hung. There is also the option of selecting dual glass window.

Doors and electrical fittings

AAA Additions provide interior doors that are 4 or 6 paneled. We can also fit the closet doors. If you are willing to purchase your own choice doors for the closet, they can fit in the same as well. Our team ensures that all the electrical fittings done in your additional room is in done as per the California electrical code. The drywall in your additional two storey room is afterwards completely ready for the paint.

We ensure that all the work is done in a proper way. The work completed by our team is well on time and would be in the frame work they notify you prior to the work initiation. Since there is a lot involved in addition of new rooms to your house and this is something no other company will understand the way we do. So why not give us a call today and let our team help you with all you need. Before the commencement of the work, we will ensure that everything is explained to you properly.